Meet Foxy Brown


Well, I have really dropped-the-ball lately on blogging. Not that I was that consistent before but now I haven't written anything in six weeks. We've had a crazy couple of months and my mind just hasn't been on writing. 

April kept us busy with our awesome vacation to New York and Washington DC. Things with work amped-up for both of us and the rest of the month flew by! I was especially preoccupied with recreating the look of the farm's booth for the farmers' market. It was a ton of fun and I spent a few months non-stop imagining and creating. The market debuted in May and then we suddenly found ourselves adopting a cat. It was nothing that we planned on doing, it all just sort of happened.

We had recently been talking about pets and whether they are doable in a tiny house. I've read about other people who have pets--even large dogs or multiple animals, let alone people who live tiny with children!! I can't even imagine that--so we knew it could be possible but weren't sure if we were ready to try it. Jordan has been aching for a dog for as long as I've known him but we were positive we couldn't make that work in our space.

Literally a day later, we see a post on Facebook from one of our friends that they found an abandoned kitty in their neighborhood. We talked it over and thought we should just go see her. The next thing I know, we're loading her up in our car! We didn't have any pet supplies at home nor have I ever had a pet of my own! Jordan has only had dogs in his life so adopting a cat was pretty new territory for us.

We decided to have a trial period for a couple of weeks to see if we could make it work. After not sleeping through a single night in two weeks, we decided it was too much for us and we needed to find her a new home. We didn't enjoy cat litter being tracked into our bed or our 160 square foot space being consumed by cat fur either. Add to that a tight budget that didn't seem to have room for cat food and essentials, so we put a time limit on it. We asked friends through Facebook and in our lives if they could take her. No one could.

We were dead-set on taking her to a no-kill shelter last Friday. And then, all of a sudden, we realized that we couldn't. She was just too sweet and lovable to send her to her fate at a shelter. We thought, let's just extend the trial period for a couple more weeks, then we'll decide.

Well, it's only been another week and I think it's pretty clear that we'll be keeping her. She's a beautiful, quirky, playful cat. She still doesn't let us sleep through a whole night but she's so quick to purr that we can forgive her....most nights. We named her Foxy Brown, after my grandmother's cat. I've always loved that name and think it's especially fitting for this spunky kitty. It also reminds me of my grandma every time I call out to Foxy and I like that too. 

So, here she is, our third roommate in our Lil Blue, Foxy Brown! :)