TinyFest Midwest


Unless you are a hardcore follower of the Tiny House Movement, you probably have no idea that it all began in Iowa (!) in the 1990s. Jay Shafer is the pioneer of this movement and he built his first tiny house in Iowa City, Iowa. And now...the movement is coming back to the area this fall! I am so excited to share that this September, Iowa will be holding a tiny house festival called TinyFest Midwest. And Jay Shafer will be a speaker there! I can't wait to hear him and maybe even meet him.

On top of all of that excitement, I am pumped to tell you all that I will also be a guest speaker at this festival! I haven't done any kind of public speaking for over six years and the last time that happened, I was in front of French university students teaching English in Paris. Not quite the same audience and not quite the same level of nerves. I have no idea if my excitement can sustain me (instead of nervousness overpowering me!) but we'll see as time brings the festival closer.

I plan, as of now, to talk about what I like to describe as the Nitty Gritty of Tiny House Living. I want to talk about what daily life is like in a tiny house, when the romanticized Pinterest version is replaced with reality. I want to talk about how tiny living impacts intimacy, how living in such close-quarters effects relationships, and the challenges that come up. I want to answer the questions people are hesitant to actually ask (like about using composting toilets!). I’ll share my experience of what it’s been like to live this way for over two years with my husband, how this experience lives up to our initial expectations, and what the future holds for us and this lifestyle.

So go check out the website and get your tickets ordered so you can be part of this very cool event (and hang  out with me!). :)