Hi! My name is Sarah. Thanks for visiting my blog! My husband, Jordan, and I live in a 160 sq ft tiny house, dubbed Lil Blue, that's parked on a grass-fed meat farm in central Iowa. A Terracotta Life began as a creative outlet for me and as a way to document my newfound simple-tiny-house-farming lifestyle. The title came from the desire to demonstrate that every person can live a beautiful life, no matter where they are living or what they are living in. Just as a flower can be beautiful in any pot, even the simplest and most basic terracotta version.

I’m new to this kind of sustainable living, though I have been heading down this path for the past few years. It all started when I drastically started changing my eating habits, which led to changing my bath and beauty product habits and cleaning supplies, which led to my diving head-long into the world of the natural, the simple, and the beautiful. But let’s be clear, simple does not always mean easier and I want to share that aspect as well as the beauty.

I am passionate about too many things. Ideas swim around my head to the point where it can be hard to focus! I love crafting and creating, gardening and baking, painting, designing and decorating, daydreaming, music, movies, reading, swimming, yoga, pursuing natural health, organizing, self-education, challenges, sewing, knitting, and so much more. My friends are used to my big ideas and dreams changing each day. I have become a jack-of-all-trades, which can be fun and exciting, but it also means that it is a challenge for me to pick one thing and stick to it (like a career! Hi professors!). I have had a crazy winding path, worked in just about every field, and have lived and traveled all over the world. A dead-set career has always eluded me but I have been able to accomplish every life dream and goal I have ever come up with. That is my definition of success.

I have a passion for words and language and a love of beauty. I look for beauty in every thing and every place, and this pursuit of beauty makes my life rich, meaningful, and so exciting. My goal with this blog is to bring that beauty to others. Our lives are worth curating! And we can do that in a simple and sustainable manner. I want to make the simple beautiful, and the beautiful evident to all.