home organizing & decorating

Whether you are downsizing, striving toward a more minimalist lifestyle, or just trying to calm the chaos around you, I will meet you where you are and help create a system that works for you.

I am a strong believer in the KonMari method and after using this in my own home over the past four years, I am convinced that sorting by category is the best method on cutting down the clutter for good. By gathering all your similar items, you will be able to easily identify shopping patterns, redundant items, and storage concerns. We can discuss this more in detail when you contact me.

My goal is to provide you with simple changes that are easy to implement and continue in your own life so that you can experience the joy and comfort of an organized, beautiful, clutter-free home.

I prefer to work in the following order of categories, but of course it is up to you:

  1. Clothing

  2. Books

  3. Papers

  4. Miscellaneous

  5. Sentimental items

I know for most people the thought of downsizing is an overwhelming thought. It can be stressful and daunting. Minimalism might conjure images of white spaces, stark and empty. But I believe that minimalism can apply to any sized space with any amount of items in it, so long as you love and use all of those items in your home. It isn’t about getting down to a certain number of possessions or having nothing at all. It’s about using what you do have, enjoying what you own, and not having excess.

As we sort through your spaces and start to get organized, we can also discuss design options. That might look like freshening up your paint colors, rearranging furniture, and/or shopping your home to accessorize shelves and surfaces.

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lifestyle design

I am passionate about sustainable living, pursuing a zero waste lifestyle, and establishing healthier habits for a well-balanced life. If those values resonate with you, we can discuss what that might look like in your life and how to get started. Some services I provide in this area are:

  • Lifestyle changes toward minimalism

  • Capsule wardrobes

  • Healthy meal planning

  • Shopping intentionally to create less waste

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Part of a stress-free home can include breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, saving money, getting out of debt faster, and living a life of abundance. I am a big believer in de-cluttering the mind to reduce stress and worry, especially regarding money. Let’s work on managing your financial-related problems in a well-organized manner. We will do this together by reviewing your monthly spending, creating a budget, and tracking your bills and debt. We will form a plan-of-attack on repaying debt, and I can provide tips to help you build healthy financial habits, as well as show you how decreasing certain expenses can add up to considerable savings.

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office organization

The services provided for a home environment can also be applied to a business setting. We can use the same techniques and strategies to design and organize your business/office/retail space to make it efficient and appealing, as well as enhance your customer’s experience through immersive branding.

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