Christmas!!! (Part 1)

I haven’t done a post since the beginning of October! I wasn’t expecting to take a break so soon after starting this thing. Instead of being “dans la lune” the last six weeks, I’ve been a bit more down-in-the-dumps. I just haven’t felt like writing and I even considered already giving up on this thing. It’s been this big dream of mine for years to start a blog and see what happens with it. And three posts in, I thought I should just quit. Well, this thing may never go anywhere but I’ve decided I need to give it at least a little more time before I decide to quit and move on. I mean, c’mon! I only just started!

October and November have given us a beautiful and warm fall in Iowa but now I am ready and itching for Christmas! I used to be a pretty big stickler on giving Thanksgiving it’s due and not starting with any Christmas anything until Black Friday. But for whatever reason that changed for me last year and has carried over to this year. I’ve held out for this long but I started listening to Christmas music today! (Even though it’s a sunny day with golden leaves still floating around). I think I’m to the point now that, even though I love Thanksgiving and think it’s one of the best holidays, the four weeks that follow just isn't enough time enjoy the spirit of Christmas! I don’t love the over-commercialization of Christmas, but I can’t help but get into the decorations, the music, the joy of finding that special gift for each close friend and family, the anticipation of delicious food and cozy nights! I could watch the same Christmas movies over and over again and I look forward to repeating traditions each year. It’s always a joyful and exciting time, no matter what! (Unless you have no money and it becomes your poor Christmas. Those are hard. I'll write a story about that another time.) But Christmas and the joy that surrounds it never gets old for me.

This is my first Christmas in Lil Blue. This will also be my first Christmas spent alone with my hubs. Usually we travel to see family but this year we are staying put. We are excited to come up with our own traditions for just the two of us and see what a Tiny Christmas will look like. I already have about a dozen ideas for ways to bring cheer and decorations into the tiny house, without taking up too much space.

Here are some of my inspiration ideas so far:


I either already own something similar to the things on here or I plan on making it myself. I am PUMPED to start on the many DIY projects that are swimming around my head! I created this inspiration board on OilioBoard because I couldn't just rip off the photos from the tutorials on people's blogs I've found on Pintrest like I wanted to originally. Follow along as I post some how-to DIYs and show off my sweet decor as I go! And check out my Tiny House Christmas Pintrest board as I continue to pin more and more fun inspiration! Is anyone else excited to get a jump on the Christmas season?