Tiny House Christmas Tree (Felt Tree Tutorial)


I made a few different things to use for my Christmas decorations this year. The easiest and most fun was my felt tree that I hung on our curtains. I thought I took more pictures of the process than I actually did...but I will post what I did do and hopefully that will help anyone who wants to make their own.

1. Green felt--I bought two yards worth which was more than enough. I actually ended up making two trees and gave one to a friend. Depending on the size of tree you want and how many you want to make, one yard per tree should suffice.
2. Different colored felt--I picked up eight different colors so I could have plenty of options for ornaments and decorations
3. A sharp pair of scissors
4. Velcro/pins--I needed these only because I had to attach my tree and ornaments to my curtains. If you plan on sticking your tree to a wall then you won't need these because the felt will stick together.
5. Fabric glue (optional)--This is so you can glue designs on your ornaments if you want
6. Fabric paint pen (not pictured; optional)--I ended up using a paint pen to draw designs on my ornaments instead of cutting out and gluing more felt on each one. It was a lot faster and fun to come up with different designs. I only used white but you can use any color you want.
7. Chalk (not pictured)--It is easy to draw your design first with chalk before you start cutting. The chalk brushes off the felt and doesn't leave a permanent mark.

First, I measured my felt to the height that I wanted and cut it in half, so I ended up with two pieces of felt that measured a yard each. Then I laid one piece, folded in half, on my floor. I sketched out one side of the tree. I didn't use a pattern, just made a simple drawing that would look like a Christmas tree when cut. I cut both sides of the felt while it was folded so they would be symmetrical.

I looked on Pinterest for ornament pattern ideas and found this one from About.com that I thought would be simple and easy to use. I ended up cutting out as many of each one that I could out of all of my different colors of felt. I didn't use the bell though, instead I cut out stars of different sizes.

I cut the brown felt square in half and used it for both trees' stumps. I made a large star to top it with and painted designs on each ornament. Then I could hang it all up on my curtain and call it done! Cutting out the ornaments took the most time to do but the tree itself and drawing the designs on each ornament were quick and fun. I enjoyed my tree so much this season and can't wait to put it up again next year.