New Life on the Farm


There is nothing like a glimpse of summer weather to make a person feel grateful and excited. Yesterday we had a 70 degree day--in March! It was warm, sunny, and we had loud thunderstorms in the morning and at night. It was wonderful. It felt like summer and the more sun and warmth we have, the happier we are in Lil Blue. Our winter blues is long-gone and now that we aren't focused on surviving in the tiny house, we can focus on enjoying life and the abundance that surrounds us.

There are 200 pregnant sheep on the farm and about 50 of them have given birth so far. Yesterday, Jordan and I saw our first ever live-birth. We just happened upon a sheep that, seconds before, had her first lamb and was gearing up to birth the second. It was amazing! I've said it before--I grew up in a normal neighborhood in suburbia, have lived most of my adult life in large cities, and have never had a pet. I'm one of the youngest children in my family (twins) and so I have never before been around people or animals to witness a birth. It was incredible to see this sheep's water break and soon see a black head poking out ready for it's first breath.

The barn's are full of baa-ing and warm animal smells. The moms are protective of their little ones and stomp their feet if you get too close. Some moms haven't made it though and so we were able to pet and hold a couple of newborns and even help bottle-feed them!

We joined one of our farm neighbors, Lorinda, for some hay bale jumping and freeze tag after hanging out with the sheep. Nothing like jumping hay bales to make me feel like a 5 year old visiting my grandparents' farm! :)

Not only are we able to enjoy the farm more and see all that is going on, we  can enjoy our tiny home again. It doesn't feel as cramped or cluttered as it did with all of our winter gear these past months. Instead, it feels spacious and open, especially with the curtains pulled back and the windows cracked to let in the breeze. Instead of having cabin-fever, we feel cozy and comfortable. In the winter we found that we craved TV and comfy couches and complained over some of the things that we've given up. Now we are happy to pass the time playing card games, reading together, painting--even washing the dishes while listening to some good music is a happier event. We've recommitted ourselves to our two-year goal....but we'll see if we regret that come this November. Until then, we will live in the bliss that tiny living can offer us--more time outside, less time cleaning, and less time working to pay a mortgage/rent.

Now my next dream is to somehow keep Lil Blue after we move out of it so we can let other people stay in it and experience what it's like!