Tiny House Tour


I have posted quite a few pictures on this blog of the exterior of our tiny house but have posted hardly any of the inside (other than my messy house post). I've had a lot of people ask to see the interior and are really curious about it. I've put it off for a year because I kept telling myself I was going to take better pictures. I figure I may as well stop procrastinating. Some things have changed since these photos were taken but it's better to give you all an idea of what it looks like in general and then give updates as we change things.

So here it is, finally, a tiny house tour of Lil Blue. Enjoy the slideshow!

I realize I have no photos of our bathroom. I will have to take some and post them later. Just to help you imagine it, it is 3 ft by 8 ft, with a standing shower and our DIY composting toilet.

So that's it! We have been so happy with how it turned out. I had a ton of fun picking out colors and decorating. When you downsize to only the things you love and need, it makes it a lot of fun to figure out how to store and display those items. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!