Closet Update


A nasty virus has been going through my school and I've been knocked down by it for over a week. I had hoped to get out two posts this week, this one and my final "changes" post that I've been teasing you with. That one will have to wait until next week. I just haven't had the energy to write it yet. Hopefully I'm on my way to healing and getting back on my feet!

Last September I wrote about our wedding anniversary. We celebrated our fifth, which is the traditional wood anniversary. We hunted to find our gift--a dresser for our closet in Lil Blue. This was no easy feat. We had very specific measurements that we needed, which are not the standard dresser sizes of today. We first looked into having a dresser custom built. We thought that would be the easiest and would utilize every inch we could but it turned out to be waaaaaayyyy more expensive than we expected.

We then checked out Craiglist, flea markets, second hand stores, IKEA, Target, WayFair, and any other store we could think of. We couldn't find anything that would fit the space we had. We were getting ready to give up when finally, at a local antique store, we found one that was the exact dimensions we needed! It was perfect! And better yet, it was only fifty bucks!

Originally, it was a gross orangey color wood stain that we did not like at all. We were so excited to have furniture--a real piece of furniture in our tiny space!--that we wanted it to be something we loved and in a color that we enjoyed. Everything in our house is based off of the color palette in this painting. We bought it before Lil Blue was even fully built and used it as our inspiration for all of our design choices. We already have a lot of blues, yellow, and reds in our house and wanted to bring in another color to the mix. Green is one of Jordan's favorite colors so that's what we went with. We decided to darken the stain on the top and on the knobs and paint the rest.

Here are the before and after photos of our closet. 

In the before photos you'll notice an IKEA box (that our yellow clock (slash spice rack) came in) that we used for the first year and a half because it fit the extra space left over next to the plastic drawers we had. It was terrible! It was falling in on itself and falling apart. We hated it but couldn't get rid of it because it stored clothes that wouldn't fit anywhere else. The closet was disorganized, inefficient, and a pain in our butts. And now, we love it! This dresser has revolutionized our closet space and makes our closet much more functional, organized, and pretty to look at. We are so happy with how it turned out and how it looks in our home overall!