The Nitty Gritty on Living Itty Bitty


TinyFest Midwest was this past weekend in Colfax, IA and it was soooo much fun!! Even though it ended up being a hundred degrees the whole weekend, which totally sucked at an outdoor event at the end of September, it didn't take away from the fun and excitement of the event itself.

There were about fifteen or so different tiny houses on display for people to check out: Skoolies (school buses that have been converted into homes), camping trailers, tiny houses, even an old-school sheep-herders camper (pictured above)! It was three days of tiny houses, speakers and workshops, vendors and food, and live music.

It was so wonderful to be among so many people who either already live tiny or who are on their way to a tiny lifestyle. This was the first time Jordan and I have been among a community of peers who are experiencing this lifestyle. It was so exciting and empowering to not feel alone in our decision and commitment to live this way! Other than reading other people's blogs or watching documentaries, this was the first time we've experienced other people's stories--and in-person! We met tons of cool people, made some new friends, and heard excellent journeys and tips in the presentations and workshops.

Jordan audio-recorded my presentation. I spoke on the reality of what it is like to live day-to-day tiny, with a partner, and how that is different than what you see on Pinterest and TV or your own dreams and expectations.

If you want to hear what I said, pull up a chair or fold some laundry, because it's 50 minutes long. You can't really hear the Q & A at the end that well, which is fine because there weren't that many questions. Let me know what you think in the comments or send me an email if you have any questions that I didn't address!

***One BIG thing I want to mention before you listen though, is about how we've out-sourced our home. I mentioned that people have been so generous to us and have opened their homes and hearts to us these past few years. I said that we shower at the gym--which was true for the first year we lived this way. However, I got side-tracked and did NOT mention that we shower, almost exclusively (!), now at our friends' and family's homes. THANK YOU to all of our loved ones that have been so kind and loving and generous to us in this way. It has made our lives so much easier (showering at the gym everyday and carrying your stuff all the time can be really taxing) and we have felt so loved by you and grateful to you! I apologize that I moved on in my speech before I said all of this. It was in my notes....and I wasn't reading my notes. :)

**For anyone who is frustrated that they can't seem to fast-forward or rewind while listening to this, I JUST found out right now (days after posting this! lol) that you can click on the title box itself! You can skip ahead or move back to catch something you missed. Yay!


For your viewing pleasure as you listen, here are some photos from my friend, MaryAnn (hi MaryAnn!), some that I took at the festival, and some that I grabbed off the TinyFest website.