Friday Inspiration

It's already Friday again! This has been a busy week leading up to an even busier next week! We had a bit of an emergency bathroom situation today in Lil Blue. It will create a project for us to work on this weekend--you can look for that post next week. But for today's Friday Inspiration I thought I would share both a funny thing and a beautiful thing.

I saw this a while ago when it first came out and I still think it is hilarious! Portlandia made a video glimpsing what life inside a tiny house might be like. I'm happy to say that our house is much more spacious and comfortable than this but it can sometimes feel like what they portray. I think their office/bathroom is the funniest part!!

On a more serious note, this beautiful picture is the house that started it all for me. This is the first tiny house I pinned onto my tiny house Pinterest board when I first became infatuated with living this way almost four years ago. 

This house is gorgeous! Just let the romance and beauty of it wash over you. I wanted my future tiny house to be similar to this. However, the more we researched and figured out what we needed/wanted from our house, the more we realized that this house is not practical or ideal for full-time living. But it is still one of my favorite images to look at and dream about. Here's an article about this house if you want to learn more.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend! Be on the look-out for a Lil Blue bathroom post next week!