Tiny House Problems


After two years of living in a tiny house, we have had plenty of Tiny House Fails. Our composting toilet breaking and leaking was a big one, water freezing in our drain pipe during the winter, mold from too much condensation in the cold months, and bug problems on the farm are only the ones I've written about on this blog. The list goes on: cracking our hips on the ceiling as we try to make the bed, hitting our backs or butts on the shelf as we go up our ladder, somehow still managing to lose gloves and other important items even though we only have 160 square feet to look for something! 

The other night, Jordan surprised me with a table tennis game set. We unfolded our table as big as it gets and set up the net. We had a blast, laughing through our blunders and keeping track of each game on our chalkboard freezer door (Jordan won every game). But we couldn't help but crack ourselves up over the "tiny house problems" we faced as we attempted to play this game.

Jordan would try to return my serve but instead would smash his paddle on the ladder; I would swing and miss the ball because my paddle got caught on our coats and sent them into the air. We lost the ball in our shoes, under the refrigerator, and in the piles we had stashed across our bench and kitchen counter--and yes! we ALWAYS have piles on our bench and a kitchen full of dirty dishes. No matter how hard I try and how much I once prided myself on being super clean and organized, we can't seem to get it together and have a routine to keep Lil Blue tidy.

We had the best time playing! But it made us think of all of our other tiny house problems and thinking we should create the hashtag #tinyhouseproblems, only to look it up and find that it already exists with almost 2,000 posts! Two years living this way and we're only just finding this out now. Time to start using this hashtag and posting all of our funny and not-so-funny moments of the failures and problems that only come up when living tiny.